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The Parent-Teacher Association Mongolia (PTA Mongolia) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the quality of education for children in Mongolia by building effective multi-stakeholder partnership, including parents, teachers, marginalized and disabled persons, local governments and other international and national civil society groups and by empowering the stakeholders through education on good parenting, childhood development and active citizenship.

Advocacy & research  on education access, accountability and quality


  • Developing deaf children communicating with sign language at early stage

  • Voter Education program for persons with hearing disabilities

Building child friendly learning environment in schools


  • Building a model child friendly WASH facility in schools

  • Building a model school dormitory

Early childhood education and development


  • Raise awareness on early childhood development

  • Early childhood distance learning kit

Supporting Parents’ Associations in schools and Promoting positive parenting


  • Activities to strengthen parents associations

  • Positive disciplining in parenting